Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai Chi is the most famous Chinese martial art of the internal style. The movements are fluid, gentle and graceful, relaxed and slow. The techniques help to integrate mind and body, allowing harmony of the inner and outer self. 


Tai Chi helps with coordination, posture and balance and is very good for the mind. It is likened to meditation in movement or like swimming under the sea. 


Qi Gong health exercises complement Tai Chi. Nearly always static, apart from maybe moving forward or from one side to the other, with slow breath control so more oxygen gets to the brain, allowing clearer thinking and for the body to relax. 


Suitable for all ages or physical cabability. 


Qi Gong helps with posture, blood pressure, back problems, strengthening muscles and tendons and increased mobility.


Pam is passionate about the benefits of Tai Chi and has created this site to share information and hopefully inspire you to try it for yourself. 


You can find out about class times and locations with Pam here and there is information on other local instructors in Thanet here

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