2017 start dates

Winter start dates


York Street                  Thursday  12th January   from  10.00.a.m.- 11.am


Minster Village Hall       Monday   16th January   from 10.00am -11 am


Portland Studio.          Monday    16thJanuary.   from   1-2 pm (advanced 


 Well, start of New Year with fresh energy(Chi) . 


 Minster and York Street are kept at same level so that you could go to either class.  

We have started learning Tai Chi Chuan (24style), doing very well with help of more advanced students

. Covering many types of qigong  -Daoyin, Shibashi 1 and 2, .  8 pieces of Brocade.  and many more.

Sometimes qigong is enough for people who have been unwell, and enjoy watching the peace and calm of tai Chi.  .




What people say:

stained glass window, Broadstairs