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Pam "playing" tai chi in the garden
Pam "playing" tai chi in the garden

Whilst living in Sydney I was at the beach one day for my early morning swim and I could see at the far end standing on the rocks facing the sea a person slowly moving their hands, as though they were mimicking pushing the waves.


I asked my friend if they knew what it was and was told "tai chi" (I later learned it was in fact qigong).


I felt I had to find out more. So off I went to evening classes to learn qigong (Shibashi and Daoyin) - which was about posture, breathing, meditating and much more. 


My appetite whetted, I was keen to keep learning and moved on to Academy for Chi Advancement run by Master Xia Shoude "playing" Simplified 24 Form, or Beijing Style as it is also known. 


At a much later stage I also had private classes with Xing Bin Wang. I was allowed to call him "Bill". He did not speak English so the class was quite intense but I learned so much. 


I also underwent a course of Tai Chi for Arthritis with Dr Paul Lam. The style is based on the "Sun Style". The course was very interesting, I studied together with physiotherapists, rheumatologists and arthritis sufferers. I then became one of Dr Lam's instructors. 


I was invited to teach locally and taught at several retirement villages in Sydney with great success. 


After fifteen happy years in Australia, I returned to the UK for family reasons and am now fully engrossed in teaching my classes here in Thanet.




Tai Chi for Arthritis,

Mind Body Spirit Festival at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Oriental Rejuvenating Weekend with Master Zhang Ha

Introduction to Tai Chi
To learn more you may also like to download and read this one pager: introduction to Tai Chi
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Stance for Tai Chi
This document clearly explains the for Tai Chi and Qigong stance
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